SMS Kids



A lot of learning happens through the various events held in school.


SPECIAL ASSEMBLIES: These are held class wise to either celebrate an important day, festivals or important people. 


VALUE ASSEMBLIES: Important values are reiterated as the School believes in nurturing good human beings who will strive to make the world a better place. Each section elaborates on a value right through the week through songs , skits, dance or quotes. This gives all the children to participate and also helps them to communicate better, eschews stage fear and boosts their confidence.


FESTIVALS: Important Festivals from all religions are celebrated to reiterate secularism .


ANNUAL DAY: A theme is chosen and the Annual Day ispresented as an edutainment experience.


LITCUL: LITCUL, as the name suggests is a combination of Literary and Cultural presentations in which every child from grades 1 to 10 participates. It is a great learning experience with a lot of fun.


SPORTS DAY: This is a culmination of all the sporting activities that are held right through the year. Children participate competitions  in Athletics, swimming, Skating, yoga and all the games offered at different levels.


GRAND PARENTS DAY: To make grandparents special, the Nursery Class celebrates Grand Parents Day.