SMS Kids
Vision & Mission





To be a choice school that excels in nurturing students, to be valuable and morally upright citizens of tomorrow, who are ready to take on global challenges



  • Enhance Collaborative Learning through the “Buddy” programme, and thus raise the academic performance of all the students, wherein the children who are toppers will help the children who are weak in a particular subject and bring them on par with them.


  • Enhance Interactive Learning by integrating technology in education through various presentations in order to cater to the needs of all learners, be they visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners. Make sure that every child is confident and excels in Communication by providing support and holding “Self-awareness” programmes.


  • Improve the Health and Sanitation levels around the school through various programmes like talks on “Health & Hygiene” and activities like “ Swacch Bharath”.


  • Create Environment Awareness among students and take measures to reduce carbon footprints by planting at least 2000 trees by 2022.


  • Work towards achieving 100% Literacy through “Adult Literacy” programmes and encouraging all children in the community to go back to school, in order to eradicate illiteracy in the region by 2022.


  • Create Social Awareness through the production of short video clips in English and the local language and work towards “conflict resolution” and peace.


  • Help the Underprivileged schools in the neighbourhood by providing material, emotional and intellectual support, thereby fulfilling the ideals of socialism.


  • If all the stake holders, viz. Parents, Students, Staff  and Management , work together we can easily fulfill our Mission statement. Please help us to succeed in our mission